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    It's finally the school holidays! Well, for us at least. Most of the other students are still at school.

    Now that we have lots of free time on our hands, we can catch up on all our homework! Yay! Or not.

    We do have school exams coming up, which is a practice for all the exams we'll have to do at the end of the year for NCEA. So maybe we should be studying...
    But there are lots of better things to be doing during the break Lots of people go on trips around New Zealand to places like:

    Kaiteriteri - there are lots of lovely beaches and places to camp 

    Tekapo - you can go on walks through the mountain where there are great views of the stars (there's even an observatory there!) and hot pools in the forest

    Rotorua- this location is famous for its natural mud pools and geysers (fountains of water coming up from under the ground). There are hot mud spas, which don't sound that nice but are really good for you, and luge and Zorb rides.

    Kaikoura- Kaikoura is famous for its whale-watching. It's a small rural community  but has lots of activities like walks and sight-seeing

    Auckland- lots of shopping and sights like the Sky Tower, One-Tree hill, Harbour Bridge, and Eden Park.

    Lots of people we know (including me, yay!) are skiing over the break. There are quite a few skifields in New Zealand like Cardrona, Treble Cone, The Remarkables, Mount Hutt, Porter Heights, and Broken River in the South islands, and heaps more in the North Island.

    Anyway, Kinoko  and I  are not really doing anything at the moment, but take this opportunity to see a bit more of New Zealand, catch up on your studies, or just relax a bit before going back to school.


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      Stat again  (whose blog is this anyway??). Today Kinoko  and I went to the mall.

      There's not really much to do in Christchurch at the moment, so most teenagers go to the mall in the weekend. You can...

      a) Go shopping for clothes
      b) Go shopping for food (that's mostly what we did today)
      c) Eat in the food court (expensive, but big serving sizes)
      d) Watch a movie
      e) Gamble all your money away in Timezone

      We got a bit bored, so we hung out in pet stores and $2 shops, where everything (incuding life) is cheap.

      Going to the mall can be a bit boring if there's no real reason for it. However, some people spend their whole lives there. It depends on what you want out of the experience. All we got was iced tea. (Kinoko is a registered tea addict and has been sighted in the area. Watch your pantry at all times.)

      Just kidding~

      Anyway we would very much appreciate it if you commented since we love to hear what you think of the blog.

      Ok thank you
      Bye bye
      P.S Kinoko did write a bit of this
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      Semi formal

        Hello~ This is Stat  writing today's blog instead of Kinoko 
        Some of you who are currently in highschool may have been to a semi formal, or semi.

        This is basically a social event for a year group or several year groups. Everyone comes along and dances , eats food , whatever. They can bring dates or friends with them to dance with.

        Kinoko  and I have just come back from our semiformal, which is the year 11 semi for our school. Things you should know:

        If you are a girl, the accepted dress code is a short cocktail dress and high heels.

        But don't expect to be wearing your shoes for long; usually everyone takes them off and puts them by the walls when they start to hurt their feet.

        If you are a boy, the accepted dress code is long pants, dress shoes and a shirt. Most people wear a jacket as well, which they can check in at the coat check. You can wear a tie, but most don't.

        If you bring a coat or bag, there is usually a coat check where it can be looked after until you leave. Don't bring them in: they will just be a nuisance.

        DON'T bring someone you don't know. There is a lot of pressure to bring someone along, but that could be awkward for everyone.

        We (Kinoko, Charcoal and I) got ready at Kinoko's house, with the help of a professional make-up artist. Kinoko had no ticket so she was quite concerned, but tickets weren't even required at the door.

        We spent over three hours dancing and drinking (soft drinks) and eating the sort of okayish fast food they had provided. The theme was winter, so there was lots of polystyrene everywhere and snowflakes pinned up on the wall.

        Remember, the most important thing to do at a semi is to enjoy yourself. We did, hope you will!~


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          Hello everyone

          Today we would like to talk about NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement), which is the assessment standard (評価基準) that all highschool students in New Zealand must complete.

          All highschoolers must complete Levels 1 and 2 in Year 11 and 12, and most choose to do Level 3 if they want to go to university or into a trade (貿易)

          Each subject has a range of internals and externals that your school chooses for the subject. You can achieve them to get credits,which you need to pass the Level and move onto the next one.  

          Internals are work that is marked in the school and is completed throughout the year.

          Internals might be things like speeches, field trip essays, practicals etc. The credits you get from these assessments all count towards your totals at the end of the year.

          Externals are the tests that everyone in the country taking the same subjects as you have to complete. Each subject has a 3-hour period to complete several standards, or papers.
          In some subjects, like English, you have to write essays about books or films that you have studied during the year, and other subjects like Maths just have questions that you have to answer. 

          You will get most of your credits in the externals. The externals are all sent to NZQA assessors to get marked, using this system:

          NA = Not achieved (you don't get any credits)

          NYA = Not yet achieved (you can do more to get the credits)

          A = Achieved (minimum grade to get the credits)

          M = Merit (high grade)

          E = (highest grade in NCEA)

          For each Level, there is a certain number of credits that you need to get in each of the core subjects in order to pass. There is also a minimum for each subject. If you get a certain percentage or higher of your credits at a Merit or Excellence level, you can get the Level or subject Merit or Excellence endorsed.

          It might seem confusing at first, but it's easy to get used to. Try your best in your tests!

          Written by my helpful friend

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          Blog about NZ Schools :)


            This is a blog by a Kiwi teenager attending highschool in New Zealand

            I will write about my highschool and my experiences (経験) there. 

            I will also occasionally post stories by my peers too  

            This blog is also here to give advice on English related matters (関連事項), so please feel free to ask questions.

            Right, thank you and good night~


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