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    On Wednesday Christchurch experienced some snow!

    Although in some countries snow is very common in Christchurch we only get snow about once a year.

    However due to the heavy snow fall schools were closed because public transport was not running and some parts of town lost electricity because of the snow piling up on the power lines.

    Still it was a very beautiful scenery and it seemed like the cloud was tearing up and falling down like candyfloss blanketing the houses with white icing. If I use an analogy to describe it was just Winter Wonderland for me

    Anyway Ill keep warm and try to write more blog updates

    Thank you for reading


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    Trying to start writing again

      I have realized that I have not written on this blog for a very long time... So I would like to try and write at least once a fortnight from now...

      Well recently I have been involved with a school production and I am playing in the orchestra band underneath the stage in the pit  

      Our school and another school are collaborating for this production and it is a very good opportunity to get involved with show music.

      The setting, costume and props are amazing as well as the singers, actors and dancers are very talented.

      Although our production is classified as an opera, it is a rock opera so we have a rock band amidst in the orchestra which is really awesome and something I have never experienced before.

      Tonight is the opening night so I am a bit nervous but I'm really looking forward to a great show.
      Thank you for reading and I'll try to write more from now on

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        Hello everyone

        Well since I want as many people as possible to read my blog, I will change my presentation style and place Japanese underneath. My Japanese is not that good, however I will try my best to attempt and write as much Japanese as I can.
        私はできるだけ多くの人に このブログを読んでいただきたいので、英語の下に日本語も 入れることにしました。 私は日本語があまり上手じゃないので 間違いもあると思いますが がんばって書きたいと思います。

        Anyway today I want to write about how to make pavalova since it is nearing Christmas.
        もうすぐクリスマスなので 今日はパブロバの作り方を書きたいと思います。

        As I have written before, pavalova is a traditional New Zealand dish which is often argued over with Australians on who actually invented it.
        前にも書いた通り パブロバはニュージーランドの伝統的な食べ物で よくオーストラリア人たちと 誰(ニュージーランド人なのか オーストラリア人なのか)が発明したか?で もめています。

        It is eaten usually with whipped cream and fruit like kiwi or strawberry.
        Since Kiwis love BBQs, pavalova is usually served as dessert, so if you are in New Zealand you will taste it at least once.
        ホイップクリームと果物といっしょにたべます。 ニュージーランド人はバーベキューが大好きなので、よくデザートにでます。 

        Sorry my Japanese ability has reached my limit so from here it will only be in English.
        私の日本語力の限界がきたので 以下は 英語だけとなります。  あしからず!

        Advice: Best to make it for a party or dinner, since pavalova is best for ,aking in large amounts.

        Recipe for 10 servings

        2 Egg White (Large eggs)       
        140g Sugar
        2 tbs Cornstarch
        1 1/2 tbs Water
        3/4 tsp Vinegar
        1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
        Pinch of Salt

        1. Preheat oven at 130C and line an oven tray with cooking paper.
        2. In a bowl beat the egg whites until frothy and then gradually add in the other ingredients.
        3. Spoon the mixture onto the cooking paper in scoops or just pour the whole mixture onto the tray.
        4. Bake for around 40~50 minutes and leave to cool
        5. Flip the pavalova onto a plate
        6. Whip cream and slice some fruit to go with the pavalova

        This recipe came from my friend who occasionally does some baking.  

        Thank you for reading

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        Day at School - Kinoko 18/10/11


          Well I thought I might start writing about my everyday at school. Please bear with me as my life is not that interesting...

          Well today I got to school and I had tutor time. This is when our form teacher/homeroom teacher or form seniors, read out the notices and takes the role. Although this is only for about 5 minutes, it is very important to attend as most relevant information about the day is told during this time and also the role is taken.

          This was then followed by Christian Living, where we started our peer support training. (which is a leadershp role in guiding year 9 which is applicable to all year 11, to do in year 12)

          After this, I had physics, in which we did some chemical reaction experiments and wrote chemical and ionic equations in our workbooks.

          Then we had morning tea, which is a break which lasts for about 20~40 minutes, where we eat, chat and do unfinished homework.

          After this, I had English... and at the moment we are doing some writing using the school laptops... I'm not complaining about school laptops, however occasionally... well quite a lot of times, school laptops (not computers, laptops) have problems.

          Anyway after English I had Maths... well it was alright I guess, considering that I'm so un-asian like and I am bad at maths...

          Well anyway then it was the long awaited lunchtime!!! Today I had salmon and cream cheese sandwich and I sat with my friends discussing trival matters.

          After that I had biology where we are learning genetics... which I am struggling a bit in and exams are coming up, but I'm hoping I'll be able to do something before then. Well I'm sure my friends will help me

          Following that was music, in which I got the opportunity to hear my classmates play the piece that I had composed on Sibelius (A programme used for composition) Now that I listen to it I may have been affected by Yumi Matsutoya's 'Haru yo Koi' as the flow of the music sounds familiar however mine is about winer.

          Well that is the end of school, but I had Sinfonia (School Orchestra) which normally runs from 4~ 5:30.  However during practice I had a rehearsal with my accompanist so I had to be exused during the practice. Normally though, teachers dislike it if you make other commitments during your existing ones so that is a point to be careful about...

          Ok well now I am going to attempt to do some homework~

          Thanks for reading~

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          Last day of holidays...

            Hello this is Mimi~

            Today is the last day of holidays, and I’m really not looking forward to tomorrow….

            But to relieve my stress I am currently spending my last day out in the open, which feels really nice!!! Afterall New Zealand is well-known for its “greenness”, but its really soothing!!! The café I went to earlier this morning was actually really nice too!!! The mocchachino they serve there is really nice!! (p.s I reallymocha!!! Hehe 

            …anyway, tomorrow is the first day of the (PANIC MODE) term of our school, and personally I am not looking forward to it, because that means more tests… …… therefore more stress….
            But apart from that stress, on the good side, I get to meet up with my school friends (Yayy~!!! Hehe ,so I guess I am looking forward to it!!! … a little bit.

            I really should be studying and personally on a day like this I really don’t want to… Anyway have a nice day everyone, thank you for reading and good bye~


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              Sorry I yet again have not been writing...

              Anyway, it is now holidays... well actually today is the last day of holidays...  

              Still I have had fun while attempting to study. 
              Unfortunately I have not gone anywhere particulary interesting, however I have been doing some baking

              Kiwis mostly love baking as it is part of our "DIY Spirit" 

              At the moment cupcakes are really popular and are often seen at events more than actual cakes.

              I myself have tried at baking those little cups of goodness, however I am very clumsy and have a success rate of around 5% so it does not work out that well.

              Anyhow I made some cupcakes yesterday which were yellow cupcakes, with pink icing on top. It did not turn out as well as I had expected, firstly because I had put too less in each case, secondly because I under baked it... (I did do the skewer test) and thirdly my icing went bright red because I had put too much red food colouring in...

              I do not intend posting the photo of it, simply because  do not want to make anybody feel sick.

              Well New Zealand people are quite good bakers and we tend to like pound cakes, ice cream cakes, meringue cakes and rich chocolate cakes.

              The national sweets of New Zealand is the pavalova and hokey pokey.

              Pavalova is mainly made from egg whites and sugar. It is traditionally eaten with whipped cream and sliced kiwi fruit.

              Also there is controversy over the topic of who owns the pavalova, either Australia or New Zealand, but I believe New Zealand owns it.


              I just thought i should make that clear since some people have misunderstandings about it.

              Ok well thank you for reading and see you another time~  


              P.S I do like Australia as well, just that I like New Zealand better.
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                It is spring now!

                However it is still quite cold in Christchurch... anyway spring means tonnes of flowers
                Now for people with hay fever this may be the worst season, but for others it is around the best time of the year!

                The national flower of New Zealand is the Kowhai and it sort of looks like a yellow badminton shuttle. There is also daffodils which is another yellow flower. 

                Although I do not have that much knowledge about flowers, I personally love dahlias and cherry blossoms. 

                In Christchurch there is Hagley park and at the moment there is a long row of cherry blossoms blooming. Also some dahlias that I had planted earlier this year are starting to open so I am very excited 

                Well thank you for reading and see you next time 


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                Practice Exams...

                  This is Kinoko  well this week we have practice exams to prepare for NCEA exams at the end of the year. I am not particulary fond of exams and to be honest I am a slacker and very lazy (as you can maybe see from my number of blog posts)
                  Well I will try my best... so wish me luck!

                  Anyway here are comments from my friends, Stat (as you all know) and Mimi (who may be the first time that has written)


                  This is Stat and I have just come out of my science exam. Everyone at my school now has school exams, which are practises for NCEA exams at the end of the year. The only thing is, due to the earthquake our marks can count towards our final results for NCEA. That’s good, but also bad, because it puts more pressure on us at the moment. 


                  Today’s science test had two papers. The chemistry paper was okay and I think I did alright (I hope I did alright), but Mechanics (a type of physics) was just downright horrible. It was a two hour exam (!).  That was better than the English exam this morning. We had close reading, which is where you analyse poems and short stories for language features (style, point of view, mood), and two essays to write. Our essays were about one film we studied and one book or play. My class’ film was Juno, and our play was Romeo and Juliet. I decided to write about something I found interesting in both Juno and Romeo and Juliet. It sounds easy, but it can be quite difficult to remember everything.

                  Well, I hope I at least passed my two exams today. Wish me luck!


                  I personally think that tests are … now lets be honest here… tedious...

                  However apart from that the rooms itself are quite pleasing and entertaining in its own way. For a start, there may be the chance of having hints on the walls of the classroom. At those times use it to your advantage.


                  Not that I do or anything... if you were wondering

                  I guess you could say that it also depends on the test you are taking too.


                  Anyhow, I do think that although tests are vital you should not stress too much. Try and have fun... well not really...

                  Ok see you next time~
                  Mimi, Stat and Kinoko

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                  Are you stressed?



                    Now it is Term 3 the busiest term, especially for high school students.

                    So we will get very stressed, over practice exams, performances, sports commitments etc.


                    Although it is pretty good to be on the balls of your feet during this time of the year, constant stress tires you out and can actually be a health hazard. So today I’m going to write about how to relieve stress.


                    Firstly don’t build up stress. If you feel stressed think of it like an injury. You have to treat it before it get worse.

                    To lessen stress of everyday life, eat nutritional meals and exercise, but occasionally have treats. Emotionally it is an excellent idea to set realistic goals, stop the urge to be perfect and to avoid excessive competition. Also be organized and leave some time for you to have some personal time.

                    Some people feel relaxed by meditating or doing some yoga. Also smile and laugh more often


                    I hope this helped. Just remember though that you can only make the changes.



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                      Well I have sort of realized that I don't exactly write that often, so I do sincerely apologise to everybody who is reading this blog. Well from now I will try and write more constantly.

                      Thank you

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