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    Stat again  (whose blog is this anyway??). Today Kinoko  and I went to the mall.

    There's not really much to do in Christchurch at the moment, so most teenagers go to the mall in the weekend. You can...

    a) Go shopping for clothes
    b) Go shopping for food (that's mostly what we did today)
    c) Eat in the food court (expensive, but big serving sizes)
    d) Watch a movie
    e) Gamble all your money away in Timezone

    We got a bit bored, so we hung out in pet stores and $2 shops, where everything (incuding life) is cheap.

    Going to the mall can be a bit boring if there's no real reason for it. However, some people spend their whole lives there. It depends on what you want out of the experience. All we got was iced tea. (Kinoko is a registered tea addict and has been sighted in the area. Watch your pantry at all times.)

    Just kidding~

    Anyway we would very much appreciate it if you commented since we love to hear what you think of the blog.

    Ok thank you
    Bye bye
    P.S Kinoko did write a bit of this
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    Your welcome clock is cute!
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