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Semi formal

    Hello~ This is Stat  writing today's blog instead of Kinoko 
    Some of you who are currently in highschool may have been to a semi formal, or semi.

    This is basically a social event for a year group or several year groups. Everyone comes along and dances , eats food , whatever. They can bring dates or friends with them to dance with.

    Kinoko  and I have just come back from our semiformal, which is the year 11 semi for our school. Things you should know:

    If you are a girl, the accepted dress code is a short cocktail dress and high heels.

    But don't expect to be wearing your shoes for long; usually everyone takes them off and puts them by the walls when they start to hurt their feet.

    If you are a boy, the accepted dress code is long pants, dress shoes and a shirt. Most people wear a jacket as well, which they can check in at the coat check. You can wear a tie, but most don't.

    If you bring a coat or bag, there is usually a coat check where it can be looked after until you leave. Don't bring them in: they will just be a nuisance.

    DON'T bring someone you don't know. There is a lot of pressure to bring someone along, but that could be awkward for everyone.

    We (Kinoko, Charcoal and I) got ready at Kinoko's house, with the help of a professional make-up artist. Kinoko had no ticket so she was quite concerned, but tickets weren't even required at the door.

    We spent over three hours dancing and drinking (soft drinks) and eating the sort of okayish fast food they had provided. The theme was winter, so there was lots of polystyrene everywhere and snowflakes pinned up on the wall.

    Remember, the most important thing to do at a semi is to enjoy yourself. We did, hope you will!~


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    Yes I completely agree with Stat there will be other people around so there is no need to take someone because sometimes you might need to stick with them the whole night and that can be quite difficult
    | Kinoko | 2011/06/19 1:20 PM |