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    Hello everyone

    Well since I want as many people as possible to read my blog, I will change my presentation style and place Japanese underneath. My Japanese is not that good, however I will try my best to attempt and write as much Japanese as I can.
    私はできるだけ多くの人に このブログを読んでいただきたいので、英語の下に日本語も 入れることにしました。 私は日本語があまり上手じゃないので 間違いもあると思いますが がんばって書きたいと思います。

    Anyway today I want to write about how to make pavalova since it is nearing Christmas.
    もうすぐクリスマスなので 今日はパブロバの作り方を書きたいと思います。

    As I have written before, pavalova is a traditional New Zealand dish which is often argued over with Australians on who actually invented it.
    前にも書いた通り パブロバはニュージーランドの伝統的な食べ物で よくオーストラリア人たちと 誰(ニュージーランド人なのか オーストラリア人なのか)が発明したか?で もめています。

    It is eaten usually with whipped cream and fruit like kiwi or strawberry.
    Since Kiwis love BBQs, pavalova is usually served as dessert, so if you are in New Zealand you will taste it at least once.
    ホイップクリームと果物といっしょにたべます。 ニュージーランド人はバーベキューが大好きなので、よくデザートにでます。 

    Sorry my Japanese ability has reached my limit so from here it will only be in English.
    私の日本語力の限界がきたので 以下は 英語だけとなります。  あしからず!

    Advice: Best to make it for a party or dinner, since pavalova is best for ,aking in large amounts.

    Recipe for 10 servings

    2 Egg White (Large eggs)       
    140g Sugar
    2 tbs Cornstarch
    1 1/2 tbs Water
    3/4 tsp Vinegar
    1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
    Pinch of Salt

    1. Preheat oven at 130C and line an oven tray with cooking paper.
    2. In a bowl beat the egg whites until frothy and then gradually add in the other ingredients.
    3. Spoon the mixture onto the cooking paper in scoops or just pour the whole mixture onto the tray.
    4. Bake for around 40~50 minutes and leave to cool
    5. Flip the pavalova onto a plate
    6. Whip cream and slice some fruit to go with the pavalova

    This recipe came from my friend who occasionally does some baking.  

    Thank you for reading

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