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Day at School - Kinoko 18/10/11


    Well I thought I might start writing about my everyday at school. Please bear with me as my life is not that interesting...

    Well today I got to school and I had tutor time. This is when our form teacher/homeroom teacher or form seniors, read out the notices and takes the role. Although this is only for about 5 minutes, it is very important to attend as most relevant information about the day is told during this time and also the role is taken.

    This was then followed by Christian Living, where we started our peer support training. (which is a leadershp role in guiding year 9 which is applicable to all year 11, to do in year 12)

    After this, I had physics, in which we did some chemical reaction experiments and wrote chemical and ionic equations in our workbooks.

    Then we had morning tea, which is a break which lasts for about 20~40 minutes, where we eat, chat and do unfinished homework.

    After this, I had English... and at the moment we are doing some writing using the school laptops... I'm not complaining about school laptops, however occasionally... well quite a lot of times, school laptops (not computers, laptops) have problems.

    Anyway after English I had Maths... well it was alright I guess, considering that I'm so un-asian like and I am bad at maths...

    Well anyway then it was the long awaited lunchtime!!! Today I had salmon and cream cheese sandwich and I sat with my friends discussing trival matters.

    After that I had biology where we are learning genetics... which I am struggling a bit in and exams are coming up, but I'm hoping I'll be able to do something before then. Well I'm sure my friends will help me

    Following that was music, in which I got the opportunity to hear my classmates play the piece that I had composed on Sibelius (A programme used for composition) Now that I listen to it I may have been affected by Yumi Matsutoya's 'Haru yo Koi' as the flow of the music sounds familiar however mine is about winer.

    Well that is the end of school, but I had Sinfonia (School Orchestra) which normally runs from 4~ 5:30.  However during practice I had a rehearsal with my accompanist so I had to be exused during the practice. Normally though, teachers dislike it if you make other commitments during your existing ones so that is a point to be careful about...

    Ok well now I am going to attempt to do some homework~

    Thanks for reading~

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