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Last day of holidays...

    Hello this is Mimi~

    Today is the last day of holidays, and I’m really not looking forward to tomorrow….

    But to relieve my stress I am currently spending my last day out in the open, which feels really nice!!! Afterall New Zealand is well-known for its “greenness”, but its really soothing!!! The café I went to earlier this morning was actually really nice too!!! The mocchachino they serve there is really nice!! (p.s I reallymocha!!! Hehe 

    …anyway, tomorrow is the first day of the (PANIC MODE) term of our school, and personally I am not looking forward to it, because that means more tests… …… therefore more stress….
    But apart from that stress, on the good side, I get to meet up with my school friends (Yayy~!!! Hehe ,so I guess I am looking forward to it!!! … a little bit.

    I really should be studying and personally on a day like this I really don’t want to… Anyway have a nice day everyone, thank you for reading and good bye~


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