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    Sorry I yet again have not been writing...

    Anyway, it is now holidays... well actually today is the last day of holidays...  

    Still I have had fun while attempting to study. 
    Unfortunately I have not gone anywhere particulary interesting, however I have been doing some baking

    Kiwis mostly love baking as it is part of our "DIY Spirit" 

    At the moment cupcakes are really popular and are often seen at events more than actual cakes.

    I myself have tried at baking those little cups of goodness, however I am very clumsy and have a success rate of around 5% so it does not work out that well.

    Anyhow I made some cupcakes yesterday which were yellow cupcakes, with pink icing on top. It did not turn out as well as I had expected, firstly because I had put too less in each case, secondly because I under baked it... (I did do the skewer test) and thirdly my icing went bright red because I had put too much red food colouring in...

    I do not intend posting the photo of it, simply because  do not want to make anybody feel sick.

    Well New Zealand people are quite good bakers and we tend to like pound cakes, ice cream cakes, meringue cakes and rich chocolate cakes.

    The national sweets of New Zealand is the pavalova and hokey pokey.

    Pavalova is mainly made from egg whites and sugar. It is traditionally eaten with whipped cream and sliced kiwi fruit.

    Also there is controversy over the topic of who owns the pavalova, either Australia or New Zealand, but I believe New Zealand owns it.


    I just thought i should make that clear since some people have misunderstandings about it.

    Ok well thank you for reading and see you another time~  


    P.S I do like Australia as well, just that I like New Zealand better.
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