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Are you stressed?



    Now it is Term 3 the busiest term, especially for high school students.

    So we will get very stressed, over practice exams, performances, sports commitments etc.


    Although it is pretty good to be on the balls of your feet during this time of the year, constant stress tires you out and can actually be a health hazard. So today I’m going to write about how to relieve stress.


    Firstly don’t build up stress. If you feel stressed think of it like an injury. You have to treat it before it get worse.

    To lessen stress of everyday life, eat nutritional meals and exercise, but occasionally have treats. Emotionally it is an excellent idea to set realistic goals, stop the urge to be perfect and to avoid excessive competition. Also be organized and leave some time for you to have some personal time.

    Some people feel relaxed by meditating or doing some yoga. Also smile and laugh more often


    I hope this helped. Just remember though that you can only make the changes.



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