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Trying to start writing again

    I have realized that I have not written on this blog for a very long time... So I would like to try and write at least once a fortnight from now...

    Well recently I have been involved with a school production and I am playing in the orchestra band underneath the stage in the pit  

    Our school and another school are collaborating for this production and it is a very good opportunity to get involved with show music.

    The setting, costume and props are amazing as well as the singers, actors and dancers are very talented.

    Although our production is classified as an opera, it is a rock opera so we have a rock band amidst in the orchestra which is really awesome and something I have never experienced before.

    Tonight is the opening night so I am a bit nervous but I'm really looking forward to a great show.
    Thank you for reading and I'll try to write more from now on

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